Sympathy and Solidarity to the Peoples of Türkiye and Syria

Our Sympathy and Solidarity to the Peoples of Türkiye and Syria

The entire EERA community - National Associations, Networks and all associated partners - offers its sincerest sympathies and solidarity to the peoples of Türkiye and Syria in the aftermath of the terrible February 6th earthquake. As an Association we have been enriched by the involvement of Turkish Associations - the Turkish Educational Research Association (EAB) and the Educational Administration Research and Development Association (EARDA) - and Turkish researchers at all levels of our work and we remember with enormous fondness our conference in Istanbul in 2013. To see the death and destruction that has been visited on the homes and communities of so many of our friends and colleagues fills us with deep sadness. 

We also recognise the enormous need for help and support in both Türkiye and Syria and for those who are in a position to assist, we would ask that you consider donating through established charities in your own countries. International agencies such as the Red Cross / Red Crescent, MSF etc  continue to offer support and donations can also be made through AFAD: Türkiye's official disaster and emergency management authority 

We will continue to offer our solidarity and explore ways of assisting colleagues in both Syria and Türkiye.