Thank you ECER 2020 Reviewers!

Reviewing for ECER 2020 began in mid-February, at about the same time the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic were beginning to emerge. Throughout these increasingly difficult times, as schools and universities closed resulting in many educators switching overnight to online teaching, and parents suddenly becoming responsible for home-schooling, the ECER 2020 reviewers kept on reviewing.

Before the reviewing period was over, and while there were still quite a number of open reviews, EERA and the Local Organising Committee in Glasgow made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel ECER 2020. Even in this situation, reviewers committed to finishing their reviews. This ensured that the authors received feedback on each proposal as well as recognition for the significant amount of work that went into each ECER 2020 submission.

EERA would like to express our most sincere gratitude and respect to the ECER 2020 reviewers. Your generosity with your time and expertise, especially in these uniquely challenging times, is greatly appreciated.

EERA continues to offer its solidarity and best wishes to all who have been impacted by this global crisis. Collectively and individually we remain committed to engaging in high quality research for the benefit of society and intend to be part of the reconstruction of communities and societies in the weeks and months ahead.

Warm regards,
Joe O'Hara
EERA President