The new Global Education Digest 2020 - Multilingual edition – was launched this week

The new Global Education Digest 2020 - Multilingual

In the last decade, there has been strong research development in the field of Global Education (GE). This is the third edition of the Digest and for the first time it is a multilingual edition gathering publications in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Bringing together over 1100 publications, the DIGEST, through structured and comparative themes and typologies, facilitates access to research and policy learning across languages and borders. Research themes in GE across chapters and languages include: policy-focused studies, theory and conceptual publications, and research related to GE in: formal education, non-formal education, informal education, teacher education, higher education, and international partnerships. It is designed for researchers, policymakers, and educators.


The DIGEST is edited by ANGEL - the Academic Network on Global Education and Learning - and is a partnership project of the Development Education Research Centre (DERC) at the Institute of Education, University College London (UCL) and the Global Education Network Europe (GENE). GENE is the European network of Ministries and Agencies with national responsibility for Global Education. www.gene.e

ANGEL, and the DIGEST, is co-funded by the European Union and by the Ministries and Agencies that support GENE.

The publication uses the definition of Global Education from the Maastricht Declaration (2002) which states that Global Education is “education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the world and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and human rights for all. It encompasses Development Education, Human Rights Education, Education for Sustainability, Education for Pease and Conflicts Prevention and Intercultural Education; being the global dimensions of Education for Citizenship.” This definition is also used by the European Global Education Peer Review process and the annual  State of Global Education in Europe .

The digest is now available online, under an open-access license: