Mock Viva

Mock Viva Workshop ECER 2008

In every doctoral student's life, there is a time when their work will be presented to a number of experts/examiners and discussed or questioned.
This can happen at a workshop with other peers, with the supervisor or at a so-called 'mock' viva. Indeed many postgraduate students in Britain experience a "mock" viva some time before their real one.
In the book Assessing the Mock Viva: The Experiences of British Doctoral Students (Hartley & Fox, 2004) these "mock" vivas were judged to be helpful by 90% of the students concerned.
For this reason, the Postgraduate Network together with Prof. Vernon Trafford (Anglia Ruskin University) and Dr. Shosh Leshem (Oranim Academic College of Education, and Haifa University) is organizing a live 'mock' viva at the Pre-Conference event at ECER 2008, Gothenburg University, Sweden.
This will give Ph.D. students at the final phase of their work a chance to experience a viva and receive feedback on their defence. The 'mock' viva will be held so that others can also observe and benefit from the process.
If you have completed 80% or more of your thesis and are interested in applying to present it as a 'mock' viva at ECER 2008, then please download the Word-Document and send your submission to the following address: postgraduate-network(at)


This year's candidates


Anne G. Danielsen

"Relationships between school-related social support at lower secondary school, student motivation and competence, and students’ perceived life satisfaction."


Alli Klapp Lekholm

"Cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of grades"


Khalil Gholami

"How teachers reason about the practice of teaching: representing the epistemic nature of teachers’ practical knowledge"