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What will be the role of educational research in building the future of Europe?

Europe 2020 sets the EU Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Universities are major contributors to achieve these goals. The “Innovation Union” aims to improve conditions and access to finance for research and innovation, to ensure that innovative ideas can be turned into products and services creating growth and jobs. It specifies commitments to create a genuinely unified European Research Area by removing obstacles to mobility and cross-border co-operation. It also indicates that future EU research and innovation programmes will focus on the Europe 2020 objectives.

Therefore, the Commissioner for Research and Innovation launched a hearing on the Green Paper: ‘From challenges to opportunities: Towards Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding.’ Now the DG is working on the Common Strategic Framework – Horizon 2020 - that will be the foundation for funding of European research from 2013.
EERA was, like other respondents, concerned with the 'absence' of  
SSH and educational research in the Green Paper and is now eager to know about their position in the strategies for the future.

Lejf Moos, EERA eV.
Stefaan Hermans and Monica Menapace, EC, Brussels
Angela Schindler-Daniels, net4society

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