Conference Theme and Call for Proposals

Creativity and Innovation in Educational Research

National governments and the European Union see innovation as increasingly important for the development of the 21st century knowledge society. It may contribute to economic prosperity as well as to social and individual wellbeing and may, therefore, be an essential factor for creating a more competitive and dynamic European society. In the effort to manage the challenges facing societies and economies, political agencies and systems expect educational research, the social sciences and humanities to find solutions for developing creative and innovative education as a means to foster creative competences and innovative skills among the next generation.

Educational researchers know that educational actors have the power to unlock the creative, innovative and critical potential of the young. At the same time, educational researchers care about what happens when a basic capacity for curiosity, experimentation and creativity is directed toward serving economic activity in an innovative society. Educational research builds on empirical, comparative, historical, societal, political and philosophical investigations and analyses, and is, therefore, able to consider the needs of society and the economy while not overlooking the impact this may have on individuals, communities and society.

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