Research on Environmental and Sustainability Education

Contributions of Environmental and Sustainability Education to the European Educational Research Landscape

Time: Part 1: Wednesday, 11/Sep/2013: 5:15pm - 6:45pm
Time: Part 2: Thursday, 12/Sep/2013: 11:00am - 12:30pm

This inaugural symposium is presenting and discussing research within a new network, Environmental and Sustainability Education Research Network, situated in the ECER network structure, which is a part of the EERA organization. This symposium has three aims. Firstly, to give examples and show the diversity of research made within this new, but fully fledged, research field of Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE). Examples from classroom studies, higher education, international comparisons, policy-studies on national and international level are mixed with outlooks regarding the development of the whole research field in international perspectives. Secondly, the aim is to show the quality of the research made through examples from projects using different types of quantitative and qualitative methods, and supported by well-developed theories with starting points in various traditions in educational philosophy. Thirdly, there is a wish to invite educational researchers from all over the world to join in open discussions of the future development of research in ESE. We propose to discuss how this new network can contribute to the development of ESE research, both generally, and within ECER, but also more specifically how we complement other international ESE networks.

The symposium consists of two 90 minute sessions where the first session has four research examples with two in the second session. There is also a generous space for open discussion on how this new network can contribute to the development and maturation of the ESE research area. Discussants will provide in-depth feedback on presentations, with the audience also playing a vital role in the scrutiny of the research presented in the symposium. A pre-network meeting will take place at the end of the second session. This will comprise an open discussion about the future directions of ESE research and will be preceded by three short key-note presentations. The aim of these diverse presentations starting in classroom practice, higher education and the possibilities in the research field itself, is to give some background to how the field has evolved up to this contemporary stage, to present challenges, weaknesses, and strengths, and to generate ideas for the discussion.

 We are delighted to be a part of European educational research within ECER. If you have a general interest in education focusing on international and intergenerational perspectives or a specific interest in concepts such as: sustainability, sustainable development, environmental education, climate change, educational policy, curriculum, theory and practice, or competence development we welcome you to this symposium to help us further in the development of this new ESE research network!

Presentations of first part of the Symposium

Education for Sustainable Development in School Contexts – Transformations and Translations

Katrine Dahl Madsen (University of Aarhus)

Research Priorities for Environmental Education in the UK, Europe and beyond
Stephen Gough (University of Bath) , Elsa Lee (University of Bath)

Sustainable Development in Educational Practice – Possibilities and Restraints
Johann Öhman (Örebro University)

ESD in an East African context
Peer Sund (Mälardalen university)

Presentation in second part of the Symposium

Research in Higher Education for Sustainable Development – Current Trends and Approaches

Matthias Barth (University of Applied Science), Marco Rieckmann (University of Vechta)

Implementing ESE in education systems. Researching the Dynamics of Policy Making and Politics in a Changing World.
Jutta Nikel (University of Education Freiburg)


ESE Network Development – suggestions
Johan Öhman (Örebro University), Bill Scott (University of Bath), Gerd Michelsen 

Future ECERs

ECER'24, Nicosia
ECER'25, Belgrade
ECER'26, Tampere
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