Nilza Costa

Nilza Costa is a full professor in education at the University of Aveiro/UA (Portugal) where she has been a teacher and a researcher for more than 30 years. She is the Coordinator of the Research Centre “Didactics and Technology in Education of Trainers”, Director of the PhD in Education and a member of the Teacher Education and Educational Sciences subject committed Campus Europea network.

Her main research interests are (science) teacher education, quality in education and research. She has participated in several national and international projects namely in teacher education.
She has supervised 27 PhD students. She is also a visiting professor at
Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), since 2013 and belongs to the national consortium of the PhD Program in Education Sciences in this country.

The Emerging Researchers´ keynote will be given by Nilza Costa on Monday, September, 9.30 am.

  "The pathways of young researchers in Education: the past, the present and challenges for the future"

The features of the world we live in and what we can foresee for the future have brought many challenges to young researchers, particularly in the field of education.  The global economic crisis, the lack of employment, some massification of postgraduate studies, the emerging criteria to measure education research quality, performance and productivity – some of which quite controversial in social sciences –, … are some of the challenges (young) researchers are facing today. In this talk we analyse and discuss some of these challenges and ways to critically dialogue with them based on arguments derived from recent educational research and literature. 


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