Supported accomodation

Presenters at the ERC may apply for supported accommodation which is available on a limited first-come, first-served basis starting April 7. Supported accommodation is available at the University of Porto dorms. You may book the dorms for your entire stay, arriving as early as Sunday and staying till Saturday. EERA, however, will only pay for one night

The price is 15,-€ per night. 

If you are interested in supported accomodation please fill out this <link file:1226 _self registration form for>form.

People of the same sex may ask to be accomodated in the same dorm. If you interested in that one person must complete and hand in the forms for the entire group.

Questions and reservations will be handled by the university. Please send enquiries and forms to: <link window for sending>

More <link file:877 _self>information and <link file:878 _self accomodation pictures>pictures.

Upcoming ECERs

ECER'24, Nicosia
ECER'25, Belgrade
ECER'26, Tampere
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