The Portuguese Educational System 40 years after the April 1974 Revolution

Wednesday, 3 September, 11:00 - 12:30

Professor Carlinda Leite (University of Porto, Faculty of Psychology of Education Sciences)

Professor Licínio C. Lima (University of Minho, Institute of Education)

Anna Tsatsaron (University of Peloponnese, Department of Social and Educational Policy)

Location: B017 Anfiteatro

This session aims to present the Portuguese educational system on the principles that guide its organization, on functions attached to various subsystems and education levels, on the reforms that have taken place and on the impact it has originated. The main focus will be on frequency, abandonment, school success and failure as well as the impact on academic and professional profiles. This analytical presentation of the Portuguese educational system will take into account the changes that were made forty years after the democracy implementation and its impact on the current system, as well as the influences by international organizations. Particular attention will be paid to the policy guidelines and strategies produced by the European Union and its impact on specific education areas.


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