Research Ethics

Monday, 22 August, 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Location: OB-Theatre C

Declan Fahie; Áine Mahon 

Chair: George Head

This roundtable offers an interactive, hands-on engagement with the complex issue of ethical research in education. Focusing particularly on the challenges which sometimes arises when researching sensitive topics and/or working with vulnerable groups, the roundtable draws on the theoretical underpinning of ethical behaviour in order to provide students with a practical, yet conceptually solid, understanding of the complex issues involved.

Dr Declan Fahie is Director of School Placement at the School of Education, University College Dublin. He has published nationally and internationally on topics such as Constructs of "Good" Teaching, Workplace Bullying, Queer issues in Education and Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research.

Dr Áine Mahon is Lecturer in Philosophy of Education in the School of Education at University College Dublin. With particular reference to contemporary American thinkers (especially Stanley Cavell, Cora Diamond, Richard Rorty and Martha Nussbaum), she has published broadly on Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Fiction.


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