Going Green

EERA e.V. and the Local Organisers of ECER aim at lowering the environmental impact of the annual conferences, therefore EERA Office orients itself on the EECOM Green Conference Guidelines.

Many of the things we do in accordance with these guidelines do not affect conference delegates visibly, as they are e.g. linked with the usage of recycled paper and reducing printouts in office generally e.g. by double side printing, etc. 

How do we try to “go green”?
And how can you as a delegate support this? 

Food and Water

  • Tapped water is potable in Ireland. Instead of buying bottled water, bring your empty bottle: There are fountains on campus where you can fill them up.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are available at the students’ restaurant and at the social events.
  • Local producers are a preferred option for catering.

Public Transport / On Campus Accommodation

  • Use public transport to get to UCD. We have put together information on busses, bikes and the airport busses. More Information 
  • Also, for the cyclists amongst the conference delegates: consider renting a bike for daily commuting. There is a bike rental on the UCD campus (http://www.belfieldbikeshop.com/rental-bikes.html)
  • There is plenty of on-campus accommodation, which also reduces the need to travel  (Accommodation website)

Consider Paper Usage

  • EERA supports the principles of green conference and therefore recommends the participants of ECER to support this aim, for example, by carefully considering whether printed handouts are really necessary.’
  • EERAs conference submission, registration and check-in system reduces paper use as the standard way of communication is electronic. So paper documents are only produced when necessary and we try to keep them short.
  • Delegates can opt out of receiving the printed conference programme.
  • Please, only ask to print of your certificate of participation if you really need a stamp and signature.

Dealing with Waste on Campus

  • On site, a recycling and composting system is in place. Please watch out for the appropriate bins.

Preference for Recycled and Reusable Materials

  • Organisers give preference to recycled material (paper, printer cartridges) and provide re-usable conference bags/registration packages.

Future ECERs

ERC'21, Geneva, online
ECER'21, Geneva, online
ECER'22, Yerevan
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