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Author: Charlotte Kramer
Network: 10. Teacher Education Research
Title: Video or Transcript? On the Effectiveness of Video- and Transcript-based Classroom Management Courses on Pre-service Teachers’ Situation-specific Skills

The poster is addressing the promotion of situation-specific skills of students who are in they teacher training at universities.

To emphasize these situation-specific skills, working with lesson videos gets more and more popular. But different approaches of situated learning, especially working with lesson transcripts, also seem to be a viable option to support the acquisition of situation-specific skills in teacher education. Both lesson videos and transcripts provide the opportunity to review, reflect and analyze.
The poster highlights a quasi-experimental design with pre- and post-measures, which examine the efficiency of lesson videos, in contrast to lesson transcripts, for the future teachers’ acquisition of situation-specific skills in classroom management.

For this purpose, four seminars on classroom management were held. Two seminars in which classroom management was adressed through lesson videos form the first experimental group. The second experimental group was also formed by two seminars identical to those of the video group in content, except lesson transcripts instead of videos were used.

The results show that the video group (in contrast to the transcript group) achieved a increase in situation-specific skills of classroom management, but there is no significant difference between both groups. The question arises whether transcripts for certain students (dependent on practical experience, Bachelor or Master degree, learning motivation etc.) are also an efficient learning medium.

You can view the award-winning poster <link file:1454 _blank>here.

Charlotte Kramer

is an employee in the project “Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung” and a PhD student at the Department of Empirical school research (Prof. Dr. Johannes König). Her research focus is the learning effectiveness of lesson videos in teacher trainings at universities.


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