WS 01: Advanced Data Analysis Using the IEA’s IDB Analyzer: Linear Regression

Workshop Information

The IEA’s IDB Analyzer is a standalone application that generates syntax in SAS and SPSS that can be used to analyze large-scale assessment databases such as those published by the IEA (TIMSS, PIRLS, ICCS, etc.) and OECD (PISA and PIAAC). This workshop will focus on the use of the linear regression statistic modules that is part of the IDB Analyzer. In particular, it will review different types of analysis that can be conducted with this module and demonstrate the users how to interpret the output.

The workshop will consist of a combination of lectures and hands-on. The lectures will provide a quick overview of the theoretical underpinnings of linear regression, and the key statistics that are generated with these analysis. It will also provide the participants with a handful of exercises where they will get to explore and use different features of the analysis module. Participant will be requires to have a working version of SAS or SPSS installed on their computer.

Expected outcomes for participants
After the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Use the IDB Analyzer to specify a linear regression analysis using large-scale scale assessment data
  • Interpret the output created by the IDB Analyzer with the linear regression modules

Target audience and requirements
The workshop builds on prior knowledge of linear regression analysis. Familiarity with SPSS or SAS as well as large scale data is expected. Sample data from most recent TIMSS international database will be distributed to be used in the hands-on examples.

Laptop with SAS or SPSS installed is required.

Book here before 28 August.

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