Getting Around

Getting to the University

Yerevan's city centre is rather small and walkable. The main building of Yerevan State University, where the conference will take place, is located in the very heart of Yerevan. It is possible to get to the YSU main building by Metro (Station: “Eritasardakan”, ticket is 100 AMD or 0.19 EUR), by bus (Station: “Shrjanayin”, ticket is 100 AMD or 0.19 EUR) and by Taxi from elsewhere in the city, paying 2 - 5 EUR.

Public Transport

There are different types of public transport in Yerevan: underground or Metro, bus/minibus, Trolleybus routes.

Getting your tickets:

  • In case of busses/minibus and trolleybuses you pay directly to the driver or throw 100 AMD to the boxes situated in front of vehicle next to the door. 
  • In case of Metro you have to buy exact coins at the cash register next to the entrance of Metro Station. Without these coins you can’t proceed to the Metro. Only after paying exact coins and throwing these coins to the boxes next to wicket, they will be opened and you can proceed to the Metro. ticket is 100 AMD ~ 0.19 EUR.

Language in Public Transport:
The names of all public transport stations are in Armenian and the conductor usually announces them. The names of metro stations are written on the walls with Latin letters, too. 

The Metro stations are:
“Barekamutyun” (“Friendship”) - “Marshal Baghramyan” - “Yeritasardakan” (“Youth”) [the station near to Yerevan State University] – “Hanrapetutyan Hraparak (Republic square)” - “Sasutnsi David” -  “Gortsaranayin” (“Factory”)  - “Shengavit” -  “Garegin Nzhdeh square”  -  “Zoravar Andranik” - “Charbakh”.

Mobile App for Public Transport in Yerevan
The app A2B Transport is very useful:

Website to Plan your Trip
The tool on this website will help you find out how to get from address A to address B, and also shows a map of the trip.


Taxis are a good way to get around Yerevan. The minimum taxi fee is 800 - 1000 AMD (equals 1.5 - 2 EUR), which covers first 6 km and every additional km will cost 500 AMD or 1 EUR).

Taxi Apps
There are different mobile-apps via which it is possible to call a taxi. We really recommend using these mobile-apps, because they help drivers to correctly see on the map where you are waiting for the car and where you want to go. You will also see the exact cost of the trip in the mobile-apps directly.

Most useful taxi apps in Yerevan, which are also user friendly and very easy to manage, are followings:

  • GG
  • Utaxi
  • Yandex Go.

Conference Venue

Yerevan State University
1 Alex Manoogian
0025 Yerevan

Other Useful Links and Apps

Official Yerevan Tourism Website

Collection of essential tips

Website to plan a trip with public transport

Mobile app A2B for public transport

Recommended apps for taxi services
GG,  Utaxi, Yandex Go.