Getting There

Getting to Armenia is possible from any point in the world. There are different accessibility options via direct or transit flights. In the Summer flight plan, more direct flights are offered than in Winter. 

For detailed information regarding accessibility to Yerevan please visit here:

Getting from the Airport to the University or City Center

By Taxi

The distance from Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) to city center Yerevan and YSU main building is 12 - 13,3 km (15 - 18 min) by taxi and will cost 5 - 6 EUR.  There are different mobile apps via which it is possible to reach taxi. We really recommend using these mobile apps, because they help drivers to correctly see on the map where you are waiting for the car and where you are going to go. You will see the exact cost of the trip in the mobile-apps again. Taxis are available 24 hour/7 days. There are airport taxes and also taxes with the apps can be reached at the airport. Airport taxi drivers are waiting for the passengers in front of the entrance of airport. It is easy to get the contact with them. If you have decided to use taxi apps, you have to wait for your taxi also in front of airport entrance.

By Bus

There are also busses from the airport to Yerevan city centre. The buses have fixed schedule and are working only during the day, but not during the night.

Mobile App for Public Transport in Yerevan

The app A2B Transport is very useful:


Conference Venue

Yerevan State University
1 Alex Manoogian
0025 Yerevan

Other Useful Links and Apps

Official Yerevan Tourism Website

Collection of essential tips

Website to plan a trip with public transport

Mobile app A2B for public transport

Recommended apps for taxi services
GG,  Utaxi, Yandex Go.