Yerevan State University

Yerevan State University was founded in 1919. Nowadays there are several buildings for the approximately 20,000 students who study at the 19 faculties, where 1660 professionals are organizing the educational process now.

Today the main building of the Yerevan State University is situated in the heart of the Capital of Armenia, in the center of Yerevan. The building speaks for itself. The main building is very large and provides many opportunities for students and for the community - it is as long as long-term missions of the university, and as mysterious as human thought. It has very special architectural features.

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ECER Sessions at the University

All regular ERC and ECER Sessions will take place in the central building of the university and its adjacent wings.

Only the Main Entrance will be open during ECER. Right behind it, in the Main Foyer, you will find the Check-in area with the EERA Desk and the Local Help Desk.

The room names indicate the location of the rooms, for example:


Int  This is the abbreviation of the faculty
.2.    This indicates the wing of the building
.102   The first digit indicates the floor.

So this room is in wing 2 on the 1st floor.

IMPORTANT: In Armenia the ground floor is called 1st floor, as in the US.

Information on Facilities etc

All session rooms will be equipped with a computer and a projector.

WiFi at YSU

Free WiFi will be available for all conference participants in all areas of Yerevan State University.

EDUROAM (Education roaming) wireless internet at YSU

Since 2020 Yerevan State University has joined "Eduroam". Eduroam is an international wireless internet service intended for the representatives of educational and scientific institutions. It enables scientists, educators and students to get free wireless internet connection with their home university accounts in all the institutions of the world where the "Eduroam" service is available.

More information to follow.

Conference Venue

Yerevan State University
1 Alex Manoogian
0025 Yerevan

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