Best Paper Award 2009

Award for Paper on Deconstructing "Aspiration"

Konstanze Spohrer, a student from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, was awarded the ECER 2009 Best Paper Award.

Her paper on "Deconstructing “Aspiration”: UK policy debates and European policy trends" analyses official discourses concerns young people’s educational aspirations, focusing primarily on the United Kingdom.
It especially impressed the reviewers with its treatment of Europeanisation and the clarity of the argument.

Konstanze Spohrer will be invited to ECER 2010, where she will present at the Main Conference.

Short List of Recommended Papers

In addition to the winning paper by Konstanze Spohrer, the following contributions were listed as final nominees for the 2009 Best Paper Award:

  • Monika Fischer, Cornelia Maier-Gutheil, Sascha Benedetti: "Individual (empirical) Formations of Lifelong Learning – a method(olog)ical Challenge"; Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

  • Popova Anguelina (1), Kirschner, Paul A. (2), Joiner, Richard (3): "Podcasts in support of epistemic thinking", (1) University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, (2) Open University of the Netherlands, The Netherlands, (3) University of Bath, UK

  • Heli Kaatrakoski, "Developing school and day care in the process of societal and organisational change." University of Helsinki, Finland

  • Lam, Sanches: "Research opportunities for elderly e-learning in Europe", Oxford University, United Kingdom

  • Luchinskaya, Daria; Ovchynnikova, Olena: "The Extent of the Bologna Process Policy Implementation in Russia and Ukraine: Similarities and Differences"; University of Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Elshabrawy, Elsayed: "The Role of Cultural Understanding of Disability in Shaping Teachers’ Attitudes towards Inclusive Education"; University of Exeter, United Kingdom and Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

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