Advice for Presenters

Please be sure to bring your presentation on a USB stick. Each session room will have a laptop/projector for you to use to make your presentation.

Advice for Presenters

Formats of Presentations and Length of Presentations

Guidelines for Rhetorics - Not only for ERC

The Emerging Researchers' Group has issued some Guidelines for Rhetorics which presenters should take into account.

Full Papers and Submission to EERJ

ECER does not issue conference proceedings, so you don’t need to hand in a full paper. Nevertheless you should have a drafted version of your paper prepared in order to pass it on to interested colleagues who may contact you during the conference.

If you would like to have your paper published in a scholarly journal, EERA would like to invite you to submit the paper to EERJ, EERA's peer-reviewed online journal.

Please see the EERJ website for more information.

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