Programme Planning and Conference Details

Programme Planning

Programme Planning: Can I influence the scheduling of my presentation?

We ask all authors to be available for presentation at any time of the conference, including both the first and last sessions. However should you have an unavoidable time restraint, we can try to take this into consideration when allocating time slots. This is only possible in the first phase of programme planning, so please inform us asap. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

The programme planners of each network try to group submissions with similar topics into a session. Please note that requests of authors to replace their presentation to a different session which they would find more suitable cannot be considered.

Conference Details

Do I need to hand in a full paper?

ECER does not issue conference proceedings, so you don’t need to hand in a full paper. Nevertheless you should have a drafted version of your paper prepared in order to pass it on to interested colleagues who may contact you during the conference.

Please note that ECER does not publish conference proceedings.

Where do I get my invoice/confirmation of participation from?

You have access to your invoice, receipt and certificate of participation via your user account. The certificate of participation is only available after the beginning of the conference, and only for participants who are registered as having attended the conference. If you need an original signature and stamp on it, please print out a copy and bring it to the EERA Desk at the venue.

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