2018 - Change in Link Convenor

After ECER 2018, Ian Munday (University of Stirling, UK) was elected Link Convenor for network 13.

2011 - Change in Link Convenor

Paulus Smeyers took over from Prof. Roland Reichenbach in 2011 and served as Link Convenor until the 06´September 2018.

2009 - Project

NW 13 organised a trilingual conference . EERA contributed to Emerging Researchers Conference bursaires.

2007 - Change in Link Convenor

In 2007 Prof. Roland Reichenbach was elected Link Convenor of the network 13.

2002 - Change in Link Convenor

Since 2002 Volker Kraft acted as Link Convenor for network 13.

2000 - Network Founded

In 2000 Network 13 titled 'Philosophy of Education' was established under David Bridges, Eliane Ricard-Fersing, Bo Dahlin & Volker Kraft acting as Link Convenors.