Network Activities

Future Plans

We are hoping to host 2 Network 13 philosophy of education PhD season schools. An application has been made to EERA to co-fund this project. If this is successful, the season schools will provide a forum for students to present their work and engage in discussion with peers and senior scholars about their research whilst also reading classic philosophical texts and watching selected films with educational and philosophical themes. The school is characterised by, and discussions benefit from, the diversity of the participants’ topic interests, philosophical approaches, and research methodologies. Participants will all be engaged in philosophically oriented research in education but are not necessarily philosophers or pursuing philosophical research. The research presented in the seminars represents current work that develops emerging disciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives among participating early career researchers. The aims of the season school are that new researchers:

  • May come to identify as philosophers of education
  • Acquire a sense that philosophy of education may be relevant to their research
  • Engage in a deepening discussion between different backgrounds, interests and practices
  • Develop work in progress (leading to publication, networking, and collaboration)

Partners in the project include Liverpool Hope University, KU Leuven, Autonomous University of Madrid, Edgehill University, UCL Institute of Education and NUI Galway. If the application is successful, notices of the seminars will be circulated within the institutions involved. Participants outside of the convening institutions are invited through the convenors’ existing networks.