Network Activities

General Activities

The main activity this year was the conference, with the aim being to revitalise the network and bring attendance up to pre-pandemic levels. With this achieved, we will look to build on activities undertaken by/for NW18 over the coming year. The NW18 convenor team continue to promote the network and link it into conversations with other local and international organisations and special interest groups in the area of physical education, sport pedagogy and health (e.g., AIESEP, BERA PESP SIG, SERA, AARE, AERA, CEREPS).


A number of members contribute to a range of international journals in the fields of physical education, sport pedagogy, sociology, health and education. Several members hold roles as Editors, Associate Editors or Review Editors in these publications. Key journals include: Sport, Education and Society, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, European Physical Education Review, British Educational Research Journal, Qualitative Research in Sport Exercise and Health, and Journal of Teaching in Physical Education.

There were discussions at ECER 2023 about the potential to have special issues based on some of the topics included at the conference (e.g., trauma, curricular reviews, QPE) and updates can be provided on these in due course.

In addition to journal publications, there were also discussions about developing some of the conference presentations into blog posts (for both EERA and BERA).

Future Plans

As noted above, we will continue to work on connecting NW18 with other special interest groups in different organisations/conferences. We are also looking to run more online sessions between conferences, in order to facilitate networking and ongoing discussions between network members. There will be a push over the next year to encourage members to submit their work to the EERA blog site and we will look to encourage more symposia and workshop submissions to the next conference. At present, there are no firm plans for EERA funding, though this is something that the convenor team are actively looking to discuss over the coming year.

NW 18 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw18-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019