Network Meeting 2016, Dublin

Minutes for NW24 Business Meeting.

The meeting was held on August 25th.

The agenda of the meeting included:

  1. ECER 2016. Evaluation of the sessions, format, etc.;
  2. possibilities for dissemination, publications;
  3. season school in Barcelona;
  4. REDIMAT - Journal of Research in Mathematics Education;
  5. next ECER in Copenhagen;
  6. candidates for honorary members.

The contributions from the participants in the meeting include:  

  1. There is a strong request to organize joint sessions with other NWs. The LC encourages people to offer for organise joint sessions with other disciplines (like symposium or joint sessions).
  2. Participants claim that they really appreciate the symposia. More similar formats are requested (like research group work).
  3. Regarding the new format (pecha kucha) one participants claims that it will be very nice to have it, because really encourages interactions among participants. She has had an experience with this format, and she liked it very much.
  4. The video format worked nicely, but a little disconcerting, since it was no a clear structure. The participants claim for clarify the structure / provide some guidance within the information in the website.
  5. Everyone values very positively the season school grant.
  6. Someone asks for the possibility of looking for additional sponsorships.
  7. Participants agree on introducing a specific open call  for our NW, in the next ECER conference.
  8. The LC propose Birgit Pepin as candidate for honorary member. Everyone agrees on that idea. Thus, we (NW24) propose Birgit Pepin as honorary member, since she was the founder of our NW.
  9. Additional comments, including: (a) further disseminate ECER among the mathematics education community; (b) invite particular people to organize a symposium (for instance, inviting researchers in mathematics education from the country hosting the ECER, in order to start the NW24 sessions with a symposium based on the local community of researchers); (c) creating a platform to make people in touch; (d) contacting orgganisations in mathematics education to encourage them to networking and be in touch with ECER; (e) cross networking wth the NWs on equity, teacher education, etc.  


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