Network Meeting 2017, Copenhagen

The agenda for the NW24 network meeting 2017 included:

  • Annual report ECER 2017
  • Season School for PhD and master students (first edition) –report-
  • Season School for PhD and master students (second edition) –planning
  • Nomination for honorary member: prof. Birgit Pepin
  • Nomination for the next Link Convenor
  • Publishing opportunities
  • Other ways to support each other?
  • Suggestions, comments…

The link convenor (LC) presented the report for ECER 2017 to the participants. Huge increase in the papers accepted was highlighted.

The LC summarized the main features of the NW24 Season School ‘Mixed methods in mathematics and science education research STEM’. A brief report was presented, including the number of participants accepted, the distribution of the grant, and evidence of the work done (including pictures).

The LC remembered that next year (March 2018) would be the second part of the season school. He explained that some contacts among potential plenary speakers have been done. The setting for the NW24 season school 2018 would be again Barcelona.

The LC introduced the nomination of prof. Birgit Pepin as honorary member of the NW24, due to the fact of her contribution to the network as founded link convenor, and her effort and permanent support to the NW. The nomination is approved by unanimity.

The LC explains the rules for LC nominations. Due to the fact that he is in his 3rd year as LC, and having in mind that last year (ECER 2016) was approved during the NW meeting to nominate a new LC during this current year, the LC opened the floor for candidates. Laura Tuohilampi from the University of Helsinki is appointed as a candidate. She obtains the approval as the new LC 2019 for unanimity. During next year she will be in “training-period” with the support of the current LC.

The LC presented some opportunities for publication, quoting the EERA’s journal EERJ, and the project of doing a book on methodologies. He also noticed that there are other journals on the field open to receive contributions from the participants.

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Interview with Link Convenor 2019