Network Meeting 2018, Bolzano

Minutes of the meeting

NW 24 Mathematics education research

Thursday 6th September 2018, Italy, Bolzano

8 people in place plus link convenors Javier Diez-Palomar and Laura Tuohilampi

Welcoming (Laura/Javi) and introducing the new Link Convenor

  • Laura presented herself

Activities of the network during 2017-2018: The season school (Javi)

  • Vuslat Seker shared her feelings of the last season school in Barcelona – they were positive and she felt the season school fruitful
  • She also suggested making it smoother to get acquainted with the other participants

Overview of the ECER 2018 Bolzano (Javi / Laura)

  • We got 51 papers; 3 of them were rejected. 94% of acceptance and 6% of rejection. 
  • The highest average for a paper review was 9.7; the lowest was 3.6. 
  • The total average of the reviews was 6,65 points.
  • The location was tricky, it was beautiful though
  • Restictred your choices as you were not close to other networks
  • The room didn’t function without a pointer (we used an assistant)
  • The breaks were very tight
  • ERC was scattered

Possibilities to publish the paper (Bloomsbury, REDIMAT, EEJR) (Laura / Javi) 

  • Javi informed about the possibilities
  • Birgit reminded that open access journals might be a problem as you need to pay for the publication

Other issues to bring to the LC meeting on Friday (Laura)

  • Birgit suggested having special calls in the future (like inclusion, refugees, socio-economic, demographic or low-income issues, cross-cultural awareness; also affect, social learning or inclusion in Australia or early childhood or STEM/STREAM or Curriculum reform and what that means for mathematics education etc)
  • Another suggestion was to apply money for season schools and other events for phd students

Planning for next year (Laura)

  • We should think of having more types of submissions, like Pecha Kuchas, round tables, posters etc


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Interview with Link Convenor 2019