Network Activities

General Activities

The network's activities include an online seminar together with Queens University in Belfast, and network members have started the work in the research network Children's Human Rights Education.


The network has published a volume in the EERA book series Transdisciplinary Perspectives in Educational Research:“Children’s Rights from International Educational Perspectives” edited by Jenna Gillett-Swan and Nina Thelander. Springer. (

A special issue of the journal Social Sciences has been published with guest editors and contribution from network 25 – Guadalupe Francia and Jenna Gillett-Swan. The issue is titled ‘Children’s rights from a sustainability perspective: The UNCRC in Dialogue with Agenda 2030’. (

Future Plans

  • CHRE Network will continue
  • Special call for ECER 2023 based around conference theme The value of diversity in education and educational research
  • Social event/social activity for the network if ECER 2023 is in person
  • Possible special issues: Possibility to follow up the participation workshop with a special issue. Many discussions in ECER Plus themed around Alternative Education. Alternative education and children’s rights as a possible topic for special issue. Possible special issue to develop for 2024 on the ecological perspective in relation to children’s rights.

NW25 on the EERA Blog

Recent Posts on the EERA Blog:

"Child Participation in Education - A Wicked Problem that is not always impossible to address",  Dr Cuevas-Parra

"Challenges and Future Directions for Children’s Rights in Education", Prof Zoé Moody, Dr Ally Dunhill, A/Prof Jenna Gillett-Swan


NW 25 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw25-subscribe(at)

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