Network Meeting 2015, Budapest

1. Experience of the conference.
Network 25 members thought that the venue was good overall.  They appreciated the ease of moving between buildings since there were only two distinct sites.  There was very clear sign-posting for events such as registration, which was easy to follow.  One member wondered whether in future it might be possible for a ‘daily update’ email to be sent to all conference delegates, which would include last minute programme changes, withdrawals etc. Several people wondered whether a simple pdf file of the programme might be available for all.

2. Network Sessions
Members found the network sessions enjoyable and the grouping of papers generally worked well.  Discussions have been consistently engaged and of high quality, often continuing beyond the time parameters.
The methodological focus of some discussions was found to be useful.
Members were less keen on having the Business Meeting located at lunchtime as this clashed with other networks (when there are commitments to multiple networks) and there was insufficient time as a consequence.  They would have preferred to have had sessions starting on the Tuesday and spreading throughout the conference rather than focussed on the Wednesday – Thursday.

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