Network Meeting 2017, Copenhagen

Summary of Network Meeting:

The network decided in 2016 to expand the convenor team and that the new team of convenors would be elected in an e-mail process before this year’s conference. At the Network Meeting the following new office bearers was announced:

  • Ann Quennerstedt, Link Convenor
  • Zoe Moody, Deputy Link Convenor
  • Jenna Gillett-Swan, Research and Publications Convenor
  • Ionna Palaiologou, Social Media and Communications Convenor

The meeting thereafter reflected on this year’s conference. The general consensus was that the conference in Copenhagen had been successful, both as regards NW25, and the conference arrangements as a whole. Members commented that the quality of papers across networks that they had experienced was good. The conference venue was appreciated – with the importance of the design of spaces, enabling small groups discussions, being remarked upon. The ease of access to all networks and events, coupled with ample meeting spaces was noted in particular and the signage was good.

Members also commented positively on the conference app – and how effective this was, both in terms of negotiating and searching for papers, but also the access to maps etc.  Members brought up that they wish that the information continues to be available via the ECER webpage – as one of the drawbacks in leaving behind paper programmes can be that details of paper abstracts etc. are lost once a given year’s app becomes redundant.

At the Network Meeting the desirability of having a NW25 web page was raised, and the meeting assigned to the new Social Media and Communications Convenor to look further into this.

Members outlined recent publications, and it is hoped that going forward, it will be possible to have a members’ publication page that can be regularly updated.

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