Network Activities

General Activities

Between ECER 2022 and ECER 2023, we have proposed two online workshops, coordinated by NW29 convenors with NW29 presenters:

  • Becoming-wolves: a collaborative living inquiry workshop based on an experience in a masters seminar about arts-based research
  • Working with and Against the Archive

Participation: Around 10-15 attendants in each, and the feedback was positive, so we consider to continue with this initiative next year.


We have published the third digital edition of Proceedings of ECER 2022 NW 29. Research on Arts Education:

Until now, it has received 281 views and 357 downloads We are planning to launch the 4th edition of Proceedings, from NW29 presentations during ECER 2023, and prepare a special issue in the journal Research in Arts & Education.

Future Plans

For the next year, it is expected to organize:

  • At least two or three online seminars and workshops between ECER 2023 and ECER 2024. We can also invite authors, researchers, artists, etc. out of NW29.
  • Another Season School in Finland from 3-6 June 2024.
  • Create a visual mosaic once a month with the NW29 community; it will be a visual archive of participants' lives that can bring an overview about how are our lives as a collective, and catch the movements, times, places, and materials that matter to us, to capture parallel worlds we are living in.

In addition, it is expected to collaborate in some way with the 8th International Conference on Artistic Research and Arts-based Research which will be held at the University of Girona in November 2024, and with InSEA.

NW 29 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw29-subscribe(at)

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