Network Activities

Online Workshop "Becoming-wolves: a collaborative living inquiry workshop through arts-based research"

From NW29 we invite you to the online Workshop "Becoming-wolves: a collaborative living inquiry workshop through arts-based research". 

It will be carried out by Judit Onsès (University of Girona) and Ana Rita Teixeira (Education Institute, Lisbon University) on 23 November 2022, from 3 pm to 5 pm (Central European Time). 

You can join us at this Link: 

The aim of this workshop is to explore the entanglements between postqualitative research and ABR in educational and research context. We will work with notions of learning through experience (Dewey, 1997), learning in the making (Ellsworth, 2005), and embodied experiences in learning (Ellingson, 2017; Ellsworth, 2005), focused on the pedagogical implications of start to walk athwart a sensory and bodily experience (Hegna & Ørbæk, 2021).

General Activities

The network also is preparing other activities for this year and for ECER 2023: 

  • a series of webinars for this year about hot topics in Arts Education Research
  • a Spring School in Finland
  • a collaboration with other networks, such as the one linked to the Conference in arts-based and artistic research

Finally, besides the nw29 mailing list, we have created an open Facebook group called: NW29. Research on Arts Education, a space where sharing activities, research and proposals related to Arts, Education and Research.


Although the network does not have stable links with journals, there is the aim to publish a Monograph with topics arisen during NW29 ECER 2022 presentations. In addition, we are preparing the 3rd Proceedings ebook, based on NW29 - ECER 2022 presentations.

Future Plans

The future plans of the network are to keep creating a space of reflection, enlarging the members of the network and contributing to the European debate about the arts and education research field.

NW 29 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw29-subscribe(at)

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