Network Meeting 2015, Budapest

During the network, the urgency of making the network known was heavily discussed.

Network 31 needs to have a proactive strategy to invite others to join symposia proposals etc. Many people present at the network meeting were first-timers at ECER and some would not have come if they had not been invited by established member.  

Participants also had the need to strategically refelct on the keywords, describing the network on the ECER website. The current descriptors are too 'linguistic' and will be re-evaluated to include also other perspectives.

Overall, network 31 offered participants a safe space as language educators, but it needs to recognise that the themes cross over to other networks (e.g. Teacher Education, Assessment, Intercultural Education etc) and should look for ways to cooperate more and present together. Others can be scared of topics with ‘language’ in the title as they may be too technical for them and it’s good to try to bust some of those myths.

<link file:1941 _self network minutes>View the Network Meeting Minutes here

NW 31 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw31-subscribe(at)

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