Network Meeting 2017, Copenhagen

The main emphasis of the network meeting was on the ECER activities for the upcoming year, which will include cooperation with other networks and more opportunities for networking during the ECER.

It was decided that the first session of the network will have a guest speaker of the local research community, who will provide an overview of research in the areas of language and education from the regional perspective of the Bolzano region. Reviewer Barbara Gross offered to look for an appropriate speaker.

Further, it was decided that the second network session would be reserved for networking. The Convenors will think of an approapriate format (maybe Pecha-Kuchas) in order to stimulate connections between network participants that might lead to cross-national publications or project proposals.

A joint research proposal will be submited to the EERA.

Opportunities for socializing, such as a network dinner were discussed. This will be organised for the 2018 ECER.

New convenors and reviewers were selected (see list below).

During the meeting, many participants were also engaged in discussions on planning the simposia for the upcoming ECER.

The two new convenors to the Network are:
Eduardo Garcia, University of Seville
Ratha Perumal, University of East London

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Interview with Link Convenor 2019