2023 - NW 07 Joint Special Call with NW 20 and NW 31

"Multiliteracies in Intercultural and Multilingual Education: Bridging Identities, Practices and Learning Environments"

2022 - NW 07 Special Call

"Intercultural Professionalism as Critical Reflexivity in the Research Process"

2021 - Project

A Network Project already planned and approved in 2018 with the title "Forced Migration and the Global Education 2030 Agenda: From educational research to policy and practice” had to be postponed due to the Brexite and Covid 19 crisis. The Preseminar of ECER 2021 in Geneva is a collaboration of the EERA Networks 04, 07 and 20.

2020 - Joint Virtual Forum during #ReconnectingEERA week

Virtual Forum of Network 07 “Social Justice and Intercultural Education” and Network 17 “Histories of Education” on the joint special call 'Refugees in/and Education throughout Time in Europe: Re- and Deconstructions of Discourses, Policies and Practices in Educational Contexts'.

It was followed by an online Network Meeting on Thursday, 27 August.

2017 - Change in Link Convenor

In 2017 Lisa Rosen was elected new Link Convenor for the network.

2010 - Interview with Link Convenors

At ECER 2010 "Education and Cultural Change” in Helsinki, Graham Attwell and his colleagues from Pontysysgu interviewed the link convenors Yvonne Leeman and Ghazala Bhatti.

2008 - Change in Link Convenor

From 2008 - 2016, Yvonne Leeman served as Link Convenor for the network.

2007 - Publication

The Network convenors edited a book in 2007, called Social Justice and Intercultural Education (Trentham Books). This was an edited collection based on a selection of papers presented in Crete and Dublin conferences.

2003 - Change in Link Convenor

Since 2003 Francesca Gobbo acted as Link Convenor for network 7.

2002 - Change in Link Convenor

Since 2002 Ghazala Bhatti acted as Link Convenor for network 7.

1996 - Network Founded

Network 7 has operated since the ECER conference in Seville in 1996. The idea of the network came about through discussions between Morwenna Griffiths, Ghazala Bhatti, Yvonne Leeman, and Joanna McPake  at the University of Seville.  Ghazala Bhatti and Joanna McPake set about writing up network descriptors before formally approaching EERA Council in 1996. Since the end of the 1990s Ghazala Bhatti, Chris Gaine, Francesca Gobbo and Yvonne Leeman have been the convenors of the network.

The focus of the network has not really changed very much over the years, although contexts have changed. There is less money for research into intercultural education and more money now for research in citizenship education, and there is European money for comparisons between countries.