Network Activities

Health Education partnership with EERA’s Health and Wellbeing Education Network

We’re delighted to announce the partnership between Health Education and EERA’s Health and Wellbeing Education Network.

The Health and Wellbeing network will produce one special issue a year in partnership with the journal Health Education.

Please do take a look at the most recent special issue from this partnership:

Health Education's response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Global challenges and future directions

General Activities

Network 8 continues to collaborate with the Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) research group. The SHE Network Foundation aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Europe, and reduce health inequalities, through a specific focus on school settings. SHE is supported by the World Health Organization and the Commission of the European Union.


Notable Network 8 publications include: The publication of ‘Wellbeing and Schooling: Cross cultural and cross disciplinary perspectives’. This book is part of the EERA book series and features contributions from a numerous Network members.

We also published a Special Issue in our Partner Journal ‘Health Education, on the topic of Leadership in school health promotion. Health Education: Vol. 122 Iss. 3 | Emerald Insight Network members also published a critical text on school food: Dorte Ruge, Irene Torres & Darren Powell, School Food, Equity and Social Justice: Critical Reflections and Perspectives (Routledge) is available with open access here:

The longstanding partnership between the journal, Health Education and our Network has been renewed until December 2025.

Future Plans

For our next Conference, ECER 2023, Glasgow, we have submitted a Special Call aimed at strengthening the Network’s positioning around social justice issues: ‘Envisioning the role of health and wellbeing education in advancing social justice and health equity’. We anticipate a book proposal on this theme and that good quality submissions will be invited to contribute.

We are currently drafting a proposal for a Special Issue for publication in our partner journal (Health Education). The theme will focus on advancing conceptualisations on wellbeing in schools and exploring the conceptual underpinnings of wellbeing interventions in schools. It is anticipated that the Call will be released in Nov/Dec 2022, with abstracts submitted by March 2023 and full papers invited by September 2023. Dr Catriona O’Toole and Prof Venka Simovska to guest edit the issue. A second Special Issue is anticipated shortly thereafter on the theme of Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability.

NW 08 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw08-subscribe(at) .

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