ERG Activities

General Activities

The Emerging Researchers’ Group cooperates with two journals to provide the opportunity for emerging researchers to submit their work for onward peer review and potential publication:

  • the European Educational Research Journal (EERJ)
  • Studia Paedagogica

This opportunity is preceded by the ERC Best Paper Award process, wherein papers presented at the ERC are developed into journal articles and submitted for a two-stage double-blind formative peer review process within the Emerging Researchers’ Group. Following this process, selected papers are submitted to the EERJ and Studia Paedagogica, depending on how they fit in with the scope of each journal. Onward peer review follows, and a number of successes have been reported, with the most recent being an emerging researchers’ ERC2017 paper accepted for publication in Studia Paedagogica. Lisa Bugno’s paper, titled, ‘Clues to The Winds Directions: Sailing on Teachers’ Beliefs About Cultural Diversity. Results from A Semi-Structured Interview in The Italian Context.’  

Additional ERG activities over the course of the year include the following:

  • ERG Best Paper Award Process: We piloted a new two-stage double-blind review process for the first time, within which each of the six co-convenors was comprehensively mentored by an experienced academic throughout the review process. All six co-convenors then felt confident enough to write their own reviews for the ERC submissions. The review process will be further streamlined for 2018-2019, and will include further involvement by members of EERA Council.
  • ERG Bursary Review process: A member of EERA Council was involved with the bursary review process, which has been also reviewed, and now contains comprehensive and detailed guidance regarding the scoring of applications. This has been done to ensure, as much as possible, that those emerging researchers who come from institutions that do not have consolidated support and involvement by their supervisors, are not disadvantaged during this process.
  • ERG Video for EERA: The ERG has presented various proposals about the video to the EERA Secretary General, and we await the next steps with regard to producing and developing the content.
  • ERG Co-convenors: The six co-convenors have been very closely mentored throughout the year, and been kept updated and involved, as much as possible with ERG activities and initiatives, such as the ERC Lunchtime with academics. The process is without a doubt, now, a pipeline of academic and organisational skills and knowledge development for emerging researchers.
  • The Senior Mentor of the ERG attended the EERA Summer School 2018 on Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Designs: From designing to publishing'. The Senior Mentor gave a keynote address and tutored a group of 10-12 emerging researchers. This participation and collaboration between ERG and the Annual EERA Summer School organisers is planned to continue in the coming years.


Future Plans

The following actions shall be taken for the coming ERC 2019:

  • The continued involvement of all the co-convenors in the lunch break with local academics session which shall be incorporated next year’s ERC.  
  • In ERC 2019, we propose to have an introductory session about EERA and the network structure for ERC participants.
  • Introduction of a possible meet and greet with the co-convenors during ERC coffee breaks
  • We will continue the current format of the ERG meeting (breakout groups that are facilitated by co-convenors) as a source to elicit feedback from participants about what is working and what can be developed for future ERG activities and ERCs. This revised ERG meeting format also formed an important and useful means of networking and first-day, pre-social ice-breaking for participants.    
  • We will work closely with Hamburg LOC as there is a graduate school in the Faculty of Education at the University, to mentor emerging researchers as mentors/chairs sessions during ERC 2019. This will provide the host institution doctoral students with capacity-building and networking opportunitie


The Emerging Researchers' Group runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to erg-subscribe(at)

Join the ERG platform "EERA Emerging Researchers' Group" on LinkedIn This space for the ERG has the purpose of being a more interactive platform where members can contact each other directly and where they may exchange information and resources. It will also provide information about the ERG activities.

Interview with Convenors at ECER 2010