Network Meeting 2015, Budapest

At the Network meeting, the co-convenors were presented to the participants and everyone was informed that a new Link Convenor will be elected to shadow Patricia Fidalgo and take over after the next conference in Dublin. The procedures to apply for Link Convenor were explained and participants were encouraged to apply.

The interest to have different kinds of paper sessions was expressed by some of the participants in the ERConference. To have shorter presentations and more time for discussion was one of the suggestions

The value of a dedicated person from the EERA office (Monica Brandis) was again identified as one of the most helpful forms of support.
Because three  sessions ended up not having a chair it was decided that this issue has to be addressed in the future and new ways to avoid this situation must be considered.

This year there were no complains about the overlap of the two conferences (ERC and ECER).

Participants were informed about EERA´s next Season School that is going to take place at the Johannes-Kepler University in Linz, Austria in July 2016.

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