Network Meeting 2022, Yerevan

  1. The Annual ERG meeting

The Annual ERG meeting took place in person on Monday 22nd August 2022. The session provided an opportunity for EERA’s emerging researchers, their supervisors and research leaders to engage in interactive discussions. Following the introduction about the goals and activities of the ERG, all the participants broke up into small groups. Each subgroup was facilitated by a co-convenor who facilitated discussion about ERC participants’ experiences, including the elements of the ERC that have been useful so far, as well as suggestions for specific areas of development and further initiatives that can meet participants’ needs.  Feedback was written on post-it notes and stuck on to white sheets at the end of the session.

A thematic synthesis of the discussions, developed by Anouk Ticheloven, an ERG co-convenor, is indicated below (n=28 respondents). It is worth noting that a number of the ‘feasible’ suggestions for the future that were proposed are already addressed as part of the ERC planning and programme (eg: Better information on website/ send around programme in pdf that can be downloaded), and it seems to be the case of participants needing to know that they are able to and encouraged to ask these queries during the Conference at the Help Desks.

1. Useful elements of the ERC

  • Networking opportunities, access to academic community
  • Informal exchange (e.g. during lunch, social events and long breaks)
  • Friendly environment and well organized
  • Training conference presentations (good for confidence)
  • European Research and cross-cultural perspectives
  • Method workshops
  • Whova
  • 30 minutes for presentation and questions
  • Summer school Porto
  • Mix of PhD students and more experienced researchers

2. Specific suggestions for the future that will be taken forward or explored further include:

  • Workshop ideas: Workshops from a wider range of networks/starting with workshops to get to know each other
  • See everyone’s PowerPoints that we do not get the chance to attend/videos?
  • Networks are not explained well/presentation not in right network
  • Implement “find a buddy” initiative, reading and writing together, support in informal way
  • Blogpost idea: PhD students sharing experiences with ERC, to inspire new ones
  • There should be gallery of posters where presenters can interact in free time
  • Field experts as chairs


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