EERA and the Emerging Researchers’ Group (ERG) grant a number of bursaries each year to postgraduate students and emerging researchers in order to allow them to participate in the Emerging Researchers’ Conference (ERC) and the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER).
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The jury once again awarded the Best Poster Prize to two presenters, Klára Záleská ("Integrating Immigrant Children into Primary Schools in The Czech Republic and Norway") and Kampei Hayashi ("An analysis of the Global Education Policy Market - Its Rise and Impact").
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ECER Best Poster Award 2015
EERA awarded three Best Poster Awards at ECER 2015 in Budapest. The winners of this year’s award were Dely Eliot from Network 22. Research in Higher Education, Maria del Henar Perez Herrrero from Network 04. Inclusive Education and Snežana Mirkov from Network 22. Research in Higher Education.
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Future ECERs

ECER'22, Yerevan
ECER'23, Glasgow
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The aim of the ‘European Conference on Educational Research’ is to create an inclusive platform for initiating, reporting, discussing and promoting high quality educational research ...
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ECER 2015

WERA Focal Meeting