EERA Sessions

EERA President and Treasurer inform on benefits of EERA membership and on how to establish a Research Association. The session will take place on Wednesday, September 9, 9-10.30 316.Oktatóterem.
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The presentation at ECER 2015 will introduce the European Research Council and explain, from a practical perspective, the characteristics of the Starting, Consolidator and Advanced Grants calls. In particular, it will focus on the funding possibilities for educational researchers.
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For the past decade, EERA has been working on influencing the research politics internationally, in Europe, in the European Union and at the national levels. In this Round Table we will discuss in what ways EERA can better play a role in influencing alone and with others the international educational research agenda and financing, how we can reach out to European and national policy makers and what central messages should be.
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Giving a brief overview of the educational systems, organizations, subsystems and educational reforms the roundtable will shed light on the complex question of the relative low level of engagement of academics and researchers from Central and Eastern European countries.
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Research has traditionally been communicated via peer-reviewed publications, usually subscription-only journals with a specialised readership, edited by academics and published by commercial companies. This system has worked relatively smoothly for a long time, but is coming under pressure from several directions, notably from the open-access movement, and from research funders anxious to see more direct evidence of impact. How can EERA help its members to communicate their research differently?
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The main purposes of this symposium are to explore the roles and responsivities of educators and educational researchers in identifying, interpreting, understanding of the issues of immigration, integration, cultural identity, racism, religious diversity, intercultural dialogue, freedom of speech, cultural tolerance and linguistic diversity, and to discuss the possibilities of developing educational methodologies, programs, strategies and policies to deal with these issues in an increasingly diverse Europe.
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Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020. In this Round Table we aim to identify priorities in higher education research and development projects that could be supported through the Erasmus + Program and to meet other interested parties for joint applications for Erasmus + funding.
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Future ECERs

ERC'21, Geneva
ECER'21, Geneva
ECER'22, Yerewan
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The aim of the ‘European Conference on Educational Research’ is to create an inclusive platform for initiating, reporting, discussing and promoting high quality educational research ...
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ECER 2015

WERA Focal Meeting