EERJ Moot - New Topic: We need to talk about Europe

We need to talk about Europe! Amplifying the voices of refugees

Friday, 11 September, 14:00 - 15:00

Chairs: Eric Mangez (University of Louvain) and Maarten Simons (University of Leuven)

Location: III. Elöadóterem (Main)

Educational research and educational researchers need public places and spaces of unrestricted communication. The EERJ Moot aims to create a space where an intergenerational discussion and debate among researchers can take place.

Our plan for this year is to re-orient the Moot and try and hold a collective public reflection on how we as education researcher can relate to the ongoing European situation. This is a proposal to think about what we are doing as (European) educational researchers while being confronted with what happens in Europe or in the name of Europe. This is not about a particular country, but about education and educational research(ers) in relation to Europe and Europeanization.

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Chair: Eric Mangez and Maarten Simons

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