Interactive Roundtable

Research that empowers: Inclusive approaches

Chairperson: Dario Ianes (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

Contributors: Brahm Norwich (University of Exeter), Annalisa Morganti (University of Perugia), Elisabeth Tauber (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), Kiki Messiou (University of Southampton)

Research involving marginalised groups or individuals plays an important role in inclusive processes not only with the results and information they provide in the research field, but also regarding the approaches taken to the research. On one side, research can inform about the experience of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion and/or promote good practices in social and educational fields. On the other side, the research should itself constitute good examples of inclusive practices, as it is expected to enhance participation and empowerment of those groups or individuals who are not otherwise given a voice.

This round table focuses on the capacity of research methods to be inclusive, critically discussing the main issues that concern this challenge. Some questions will engage the audience in an interactive discussion.

How can research methods become inclusive? Can all research methods be inclusive? What criteria define inclusive research methods? How can research methods involving marginalised groups or individuals be consistent with the aim of inclusion throughout their processes?

The contributors deal with all these open questions, reflecting on the extent of inclusivity ensured by different research methods.

Some specific research examples will be presented, such as Student Voice approaches, participatory and ethnographic research, considering the reasons why they could represent good practices in terms of inclusivity.

Taking into account different approaches and experiences, the round table could help identifying the constitutive elements of inclusive research methods.

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