Educational Research in FP9? What EERA Should Do

Time Friday, 07/Sep/2018: 9:00 - 10:30
Location D1.03
Speakers Theo Wubbels; Harald Hartung; Didier Georgakakis; Gabi Lombardo
Chair Joe O’Hara

This session will investigate what EERA, its member associations and their individual members can do to make educational research visible in the upcoming funding scheme of the European Commission (FP9).

EERA as a founding member of EASSH fully supports EASSH’s efforts to make Research for a Democratic Union and the European Social Dimension an important area of investment for FP9. At the moment of writing this proposal the Commission is looking at three areas for inclusion in FP9 using the following working titles “Democracy”, “Mutations” or “Social Transformations” and “Cultural Heritage”. Also, “Education for the future of EU”, might still be on the commission’s agenda. What exactly the state of affairs during the ECER in Bolzano will be is unclear but certainly a lot of developments will have taken place.

In the session, Harald Hartung (EC) will inform us about the state of affairs in planning FP( and what the role of educational research can be. Didier Georgakakis will present the ideas on Democracy and the social dimensions. The view of EEASH on the role of Social Sciences and Humanities in the FP9 will be presented by Gabi Lombardo. Theo Wubbels will discuss what role educational research can play for the future of Europe.

Two council members (to be invited) will act as discussants.

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