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ERC Timetable
Learn more about the general timetable of ERC 2019.
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ERC Keynote Theo Wubbels
Theo Wubbels is emeritus professor of Educational Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In his keynote 'How Can Young Scholars Survive and Build a Career in Academia?' he will discuss critically the criteria that govern institution’s decisions on hiring and promotion of staff and will present what young researchers can (and should?) do to build a career in academia.
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Interactive Roundtable
Where should we draw the line? And what does the line consist of anyway? Research ethics between necessary sine qua non and welcome challenge for our creativity.
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Workshops at the Emerging Researchers' Conference
On Monday afternoon, EERA networks organise workshops introducing questions within their research fields. The workshops on Tuesday afternoon address issues typically relevant to Emerging Researchers: How to prepare a doctoral defence, how to publish, etc. Please register for these workshops on the first day of the ERC 2019, Monday 2 September 2019 starting at 8:00 at the EERA Desk.
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Lunch Break Events
As the ERC lunch break event was very well attended at ERC 2018, there will be two lunch break events offered at ERC 2019. You are invited to register for these events on the first day of the ERC 2019, Monday 2 September 2019 starting at 8:00 at the EERA Desk. The lunch break events are offered on a limited capacity, first-come, first-serve basis.
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Poster Awards at ERC 2019
During ERC, the Convenors and the Senior Mentor of the ERG select the best poster presented during the interactive poster sessions. At ECER 2019, the ERC will pilot a "popular vote poster award".
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ERC Social Event
The ERC event will take place Monday evening on the Rickmer Rickmers at Hamburg harbour. It is a chance to socialise with other emerging researchers as well as the mentors and organisers of ERC.
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Submission Formats

The Emerging Researchers' Conference welcomes the submission of 3 types of presentations: Papers, Posters and Ignite-Talks. Workshops and Panels are reserved for invited sessions only and are centrally organised .

Submission to ERC
Presentation formats @ ERC