Sharing Pre-Conference Resources

We would like to ensure that ECER 2021, Geneva (online) retains the typical “ECER feeling.” Crucial to that feeling are the vital and vibrant discussions which take place during sessions. To foster these discussions, we invite submitting authors to share resources related to their presentations before the conference begins. These pre-conference resources can be videos, slides or pdf files.

The basic process will be as follows

  1. First you create the resource you want to share  (a slideshow (ppt/googleslides), a video or a pdf)
  2. Then you upload your resource to your preferred platform (for videos: YouTube or Vimeo. For slides: slideshare. For pdfs: any server)
  3. Finally, you share the LINK to the resource with us via the ECER submission system Conftool. Any link you share should either direct to content on youtube, vimeo or slideshare or alternatively end with a ".pdf".

We have a range of video tutorials in order to guide you through the major parts of this process, including the creation of a Google account, should you need one for an upload to YouTube.

Please scroll to the bottom to find the video tutorial on how to upload your link to Conftool.

Before you begin

These pre-conference resources will in no way replace the live presentations! Each presenter will make their presentation live during the assigned session during the conference.

As a rule of thumb: the resources should be short bites of your presentation rather than the full version and not last longer than 4 - 7 minutes. We feel these resources will enrich the depth of debates during the conference and help engage participants who are challenged by living outside of the European time zones. Conference participants will be able to view the uploaded resources via the links on the conference platform (OnAir) beginning 23 August. This way, conference participants will have time to become familiar with the material before the conference in preparation for the live interactions during the conference.

How will you know that you successfully shared your resources?

In order to seamlessly embed your resources within the conference platform ensure that the URL you want to share with us

  • either includes a link to youtube, vimeo or slideshare
  • or ends with a “.pdf”.

We cannot guarantee that content from other links e.g. to project-websites or publishers’ websites can be embedded.

Creating a slideshow including narrations

Creating slides with narration is a good option if you prefer to share only your presentation rather than a video of yourself giving a presentation.

There are multiple ways to add a narration to presentation slides. Here are examples of how to do this with PowerPoint and Google slides.

In order to allow conference participants to view your slide show online and for it to be embedded in the conference platform, you will need to upload it to the slideshare website

Afterwards, please follow our instructions on how to copy the sharing link from there. You will find them further down this page.

Creating a video of your presentation

If you feel comfortable filming yourself while creating your pre-conference resource, we suggest you use one of the following options:

  • Zoom
  • PowerPoint & Zoom
  • Quicktime

Once you are happy with the created video, please upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. Both have pros and cons.

We suggest YouTube, as it allows users to upload videos as “not indexed by YouTube”. The newer Vimeo accounts allow the same feature (called “hidden from Vimeo”) only in the paid version.

You are welcome to use Vimeo as well.

Uploading your video to YouTube

If you do not yet have a YouTube channel you will need to create one in order to share your video via Youtube.

Therefore, you may first need to create a Google account.

We suggest that you use the privacy settings “not indexed by YouTube” for the time of the conference. This will ensure that Youtube is not listing your presentation within the YouTube search and will keep the video accessible only for those who have access to the shared link. The same feature is called "hidden from Vimeo" on Vimeo. However this feature is not included in the free accounts. 

Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, please follow our instructions on sharing your link via Conftool below.

Copying a slideshare link

Please make sure you follow the instructions in the video on how to copy the link, as it will not work with the link automatically generated by the SlideShare system.

You want to keep it simple and only share a pdf?

Pdf files are best be stored on your personal website (if you habe one) or on your university’s server. Copy the link to your pdf file and share it via Conftool as described below.

If you do not have a private website and cannot share the file via your university's webserver, you could also upload your pdf file to slide-share, which handles both - slide-shows & pdfs.

Uploading your link to Conftool

As a final step you need to upload your LINK to Conftool. Please note that only submitting authors have editing rights for the contributions.

This can only be done by the submitting author via Your Submisisons in Conftool, then click Edit Contribution Details, and then copy the link into the field External Resource.

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