2021 - Change in Link Convenor

Ineta Luka (Turiba University, Latvia) took over from Heidi Flavian (Achva Academic College, Israel) after shadowing from 2020 - 2021. Heidi Flavian remains active in Network 11 as Co-Convenor.

2017 - Change in Link Convenor

In 2017 Heidi Flavian has been elected new Link Convenor.

2015 - Change in Link Convenor

Lynne Grant-McMahon was elected Link Convenor in 2015.

2010 - Interview with Link Convenor

At ECER 2010 "Education and Cultural Change” in Helsinki, Graham Attwell and his colleagues from Pontysysgu interviewed the link convenor Samuel Gento.

2008 - Change in Link Convenor

From 2008 to 2014 Samuel Gento was Link Convenor of network 11.

2006 - Change of Name

In 2006 the title of the network changed into 'Educational Effectiveness and Quality Assurance'.

2002 - Change in Link Convenor

Since 2002 Jan van Damme acted as Link Convenor for network 11.

2001 - Change of Name

In 2001 the title of the network changed into 'Quality Assurance and School Effectiveness'.

2000 - Network Founded

In 2000 Network 11 titled 'Quality Assurance in School Developement and the Teaching Profession' was established under Peter Döbrich, John Lee, Fuensanta Hernandez-Pina & Jose Cajide as link convenors.

NW 11 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw11-subscribe(at)lists.eera-ecer.de

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

Subthemes for submissions

  • Approaches, theories and models of quality and its incidence on educational institutions, agencies and initiatives
  • Supra national and international agencies contributing to education and its effectiveness or quality
  • European approach and materialization of educational effectiveness and quality
  • Quality of educational systems
  • Quality and effectiveness assurance at district, region or country level
  • Quality of educational institutions
  • Organization, planning and other factors determining quality of education and of its institutions