Network Meeting 2016, Dublin

Heidi Flavian, Buratin Khampirat, Ernesto Lopez Gomez, Antonio Medina, Salvador Peiro-i-Gregori, Manuels Fernandez, Irina Maslo, Zehava Rosenblatt, Jerich Faddar,Carlos Gomedas, Jana Polachova Vastatkova, Valeria Rossimi

Main points:

  1. We all regret that Lynne Grant- McMahon did not come as of her health condition and we wish she will better soon.
  2. As a result of the mail Lynne Grant- McMahonhave sent us all, in which she asked us to nominate a new Link-Convenor, we voted as decided the following:
    • The new Link – Convenor for ECER2017 will be Heidi Flavian
    • But- when Lynne Grant- McMahon feels better, if she would like to be the Link-Convenor, we all agree she will be
    • Manuels Fernandez will be the Co- Link-Convenor
    • Samuel Gento, will continue to contribute to the Network as the "honorary link convenor"
    • Raul will continue to help as the secretary of the network (although he was not at the meeting this time)
  3. We would like to continue with the project Lynne began- developing a web-site for the network, and wish Lynne will do it during the year.
  4. This year the network accepted only 2 posters, and only one showed. We need to better encourage people to submit papers and maybe to have a special session for posters of our network.
  5. The sessions up to this meeting were very good and the lecturers presented well academic studies. 
  6. The members of the network would like to have a publication platform. The idea is to have a “special issue” in which papers of the members will be edited together. Heidi will check possibilities to conduct this project with a good editor and peer-reviewed process.

NW 11 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw11-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

Subthemes for submissions

  • Approaches, theories and models of quality and its incidence on educational institutions, agencies and initiatives
  • Supra national and international agencies contributing to education and its effectiveness or quality
  • European approach and materialization of educational effectiveness and quality
  • Quality of educational systems
  • Quality and effectiveness assurance at district, region or country level
  • Quality of educational institutions
  • Organization, planning and other factors determining quality of education and of its institutions