Network Meeting 2017, Copenhagen

Summary of Network Meeting


  • Heidi Flavian, Achva Academic University, Israel [lead convenor]
  • Joanna Williamson, Cambridge Assessment [taking notes]
  • Isabela Lopez-Cobo, University Loyola Andalucia
  • Prof Ineta Luka from Turiba University, Latvia
  • Arte Retkoceri, Aarhus Universtiy
  • Bongani Bantwini, North West University
  • Susanne Schumacher, University of Koblenz-Landau
  • Jana Poláchová Vaštatková, Palacky University
  • Antonio Medina, University of UNED
  • Valenzuela Blanca, University Mexico
  • Manuela Guillen, University of Sonora, Mexico
  • Samuel Gento, UNED [lead convenor for 8 years]
  • Carlos Novais Gonçalves
  • Ieva Rudzinska, Latvian Academy of Sport Education
  • Buratin Khampirat, University of Thailand


ECER 2017 feedback

Reviewing process was on time.
We had 58 submissions, and 48 were accepted:
  • 1 poster [presenter not there]
  • 2 symposiums
  • 45 paper presentations

Session chairs – thank you! And please fill out the session evaluation. Important to know what happened. In some networks, people did not attend their own presentations.

For future communication, please update your email at the mailing list on EERA webpage: NW11 mailing list is where you can add your email.

Preparations for ECER 2018.
Not all convenors are here, but we still have to plan.
ECER 2018 will be in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy – 4-7 September 2018.
Paper reviewing during March 2018. Any new reviewers?  Email HF later, if willing to review.

This network has many on the list. Do we need to reduce?  New convenors?  
SG: I don't know the exact number – 12-13?  It is reasonable, even compared to other networks.
HF: other networks have more reviewers than conveners. But is it OK that we add new reviewers to convenors list?  Yes – agreed by everyone.

For next year: should we have posters?  Last year and this year, there was only one poster, with no author to explain it. Shall we keep or eliminate?
SG: useful to have the option. There is less writing, which can help some who don't want to write. I think it's good to maintain the possibility.
BB: agree, but how do you make people feel responsible?  They are supposed to stand there and be available to talk!
HF: another network makes a special network poster room, in a group. But we don't have enough.
BB: yes, that's a good arrangement. We could ask for posters over and above papers.
Result: we agree to give posters another chance.

Meet the editor?
Writing seminar?

NW meeting
Breakfast or dinner of the network? It was nice. But we need someone with a bit of Italian.
SG: better if we ask someone living there. But if not, could ask secretary of the ECER.
HF: I already asked them.
SG: they will know. They will organise a local committee.
We will try for a dinner. Everyone please respond to emails about this, if and when one arrives.

Journal special issue
The academic journal. Last year you asked for opportunity to publish, so HF contacted the journal "Quality Assurance in Education". We have the opportunity to publish a special issue.

Process is:

  • Step1, publish one SI. If it goes well, we get to do it every year.
  • All papers peer reviewed
  • Expecting good academic English according to APA-6 guidelines. Will need English editor before submission.
  • Length: 3000-6000 words, medium length. A bit over is OK.
  • Papers that will be accepted will be published immediately online, and when all papers are accepted, the printed SI will be made.


  • Decide on specific topic (will be later by email)
  • By end of Nov 2017: expression of interest by sending an abstract of 200-250 words. No English editor required. Title + more or less what you will be writing on. To give an idea of number of people keen, and the topics covered.
  • HF to review and give feedback
  • Submit full papers into Emerald system by the end of March 2018.
  • These will be blind peer reviewed, by two reviewers
  • Decisions: accepted, accepted after revisions, re-submit after revisions, or rejected.
  • During ECER2018, a writing/presenting session for those who submitted. To discus process.

BB: question: for the papers or abstract, do you want them to be the ECER 2017 papers? What if I have another paper?  What's the maximum abstracts one can send?
HF: the limit will be my time. Submit your presentations from ECER 2017 or something else, as long as not published elsewhere. Don't send more than 2 abstracts. If you submit 2 papers, you increase your chance to be accepted. At the final, they will accept 10-12 papers. We want them to be the best. SG is going to submit one. HF will be guest editor and will submit, but will also be reviewed. Note: papers MUST be in good English.
AR: question: you won't reject abstracts?
HF: no, will give feedback.

Honorary members
HF proposes Samuel Gento for honorary membership. Everyone in the room nods and agrees this proposal.

Question: Manuela: can we have the guidelines for the journal submission?
Yes – please update email and HF will send all the details to the mailing list!  Let's all publish in a good journal.

NW 11 runs a mailing list and invites researchers to join. To join the mailing list, send a blank message to nw11-subscribe(at)

Interview with Link Convenor 2019

Subthemes for submissions

  • Approaches, theories and models of quality and its incidence on educational institutions, agencies and initiatives
  • Supra national and international agencies contributing to education and its effectiveness or quality
  • European approach and materialization of educational effectiveness and quality
  • Quality of educational systems
  • Quality and effectiveness assurance at district, region or country level
  • Quality of educational institutions
  • Organization, planning and other factors determining quality of education and of its institutions