Network Activities

NW 32 "Organizational Education" is linked to the WERA IRG on Organizational Education. Some colleagues are part of both, of EERA NW 32 and of WERA IRG.


By some of its co-convenors NW 32 Organizational Education has links to existing journals.

The central publishing activity in 2018 was to publish the 'Research Memorandum on Organizational Education', more precisely: its international version written by the network's convenors and discussed in the network meetings.

The 'Research Memorandum on Organizational Education' was published in
Studia Paedagogica Vol. 23, No. 2 (2018), pp. 205-215.

Future Plans

It is planned to publish the research memorandum in two more journals. Beyond there are plans to publish a topic-centred bundle of NW32 papers as a special issue of one of the linked journals.

To create more deeply joint cooperation regarding research and publications on the field of Organizational Education, it would be helpful if EERA would fund a yearly meeting of all NW32 convenors outside ECER.