Network Meeting 2016, Dublin

The network meeting of NW 32 "Organizational Education" was visited by about 25 colleagues. Beside some general and some specific informations, including the nomination of Gunnar Augustsson and Line Revsbaek as new members of the reviewing team which already includes the network's convenors Michael Göhlich, Bente Elkjaer, Tara Fenwick, Andreas Schröer, Susanne Weber, and Byung Jun Yi, the main topic of the NW 32 meeting was the discussion of the Research Memorandum on Organizational Education. As already decided at the NW meeting 2015 in Budapest, the convenors had edited the draft with all the comments of 2015 before the NW meeting 2016. The discussion of the edited draft in NW meeting 2016 resulted in the decision that now only few last and small modifications are necessary which can be done by the convenors. The NW meeting agreed that the memorandum then should be published in EERJ. The link convenor was assigned to contact EERJ editors for the publication of the memorandum.

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