Network Meeting 2017, Copenhagen

The network meeting of NW 32 "Organizational Education" was visited by about 25 colleagues. Topics of the network meeting were: 1. publication state of the research memorandum on Organizational Education; 2. formats of submissions; 3. review process; 4. program planning process; 5. Essentials of EERA link convenors‘ meetings; 6. essentials of EERA network seminar April 2017; 7. Conferences on Organizational Education outside EERA; 8. NW 32 get-together evening event.

Regarding the publication state of the research memorandum: Please go to <link _blank>"Publications" under "Network Activities"

Regarding the review process: It was convened that EERA council should be asked to open the review criterion „European dimension“. The colleagues see the necessity of signalizing the European dimension of ECER (as EERA conference) but it it should be more clearly interpreted as a signal of global openness. Background for this argument: colleagues from Asia and from South America had to struggle very hard at their universities to get the allowance and the funding to take part at ECER, because their universities find that ECER is restricted to a European level (while they find AERA open to a global level).

Regarding program planning: Since we doubled only two time slots, the colleagues interested in Organizational Education could participate in most sessions of the network. This all days through setting made it easier to understand each other.

Regarding the location of ECER it was mentioned that EERA council should look for cheapier conference cities. For colleagues from the southern countries Dublin (2016) and Copenhagen (2017) were too expensive.

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